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I’m With Rove

There has been much ado on both sides of the aisle about Sarah Palin’s reality show, set to air on TLC this Sunday. Most notably, former Bush advisor (and Palin’s fellow Fox contributor) Karl Rove said the show proves that Palin “lacks the gravitas” to be president. The ad for the show has been running for weeks, and despite my support for Palin in the past (and my continued support of her as a champion of the conservative movement), I must admit I cringe every time I see it. In other words, I’m with Rove on this one.

I defended Sarah Palin throughout the 2008 campaign, when she was viciously attacked–especially by women here in NYC and particularly those who self-identified as “feminists”.  For those who advocate choice for all women, they couldn’t seem to respect any of Sarah’s, whether it was her decision to have her baby even though she knew he had Down’s Syndrome, or when she supported her pregnant, unwed daughter Bristol. I was disgusted and appalled by the treatment of her, to the point that I snapped at a 23-year-old intern in my office who called Palin a “bad mother”, both for bringing a “challenged” baby into the world, and for running for Vice President (and thereby neglecting her family altogether). I had built up a decade of disillusionment with the feminist movement, and I hit that intern over the head with it. And while I would defend Palin’s decision to do a reality TV show as another personal choice, I must admit this is one choice I don’t understand.

Of course this is moot if she never runs for public office. Being an advocate for conservative candidates is a far cry from running herself. But if she does run, one can just imagine her opponent’s ads! Because while Palin’s recovery from the left’s 2008 smear campaign is nothing short of miraculous, one thing I don’t think the American people would overlook is a presidential candidate who says she’d rather be out kayaking than running the county from a “stuffy old political office”.


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