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If You Click Right Here, Ladies and Gentlemen, You’ll Find Yourself In Another World…

As I said to a like-minded friend today, clicking on the Huffington Post site is like entering a completely different universe. It is not just that the contributors have different opinions; they do not even speak the same language. And when they come across a fact they cannot contort, they just ignore it.

Shortly after my conversation with my friend, I went on “HuffPo” to do some research for another piece I am writing, and of course the page was full of stories about Judge Vinson’s decision on Obamacare. As usual, when the Left doesn’t get what it wants, it gets nastier than a toddler who’s been denied a lollipop—and makes about as much sense.  Ethan Rome is no different.

Rome completely ignores the fact that millions of Americans have opposed this law from the beginning. They opposed it while it was being debated, and they opposed it on November 2, when they voted to end the steel grip the Dems had around the throats of the people.  The Left, even with their dirty politics, strong-arming tactics and the adoration of the media, lost big that day, and they still cannot get over it. They continually underestimate the intelligence –and misunderstand the core values—of the American people.  Rome talks about the Republican politicians bringing this suit, when it was in fact 26 states—over half of the country—that joined the lawsuit against Obamacare. How many people, how many states, have to speak out against something before they are heard?  Now, I ask Rome and the rest of his ilk, who is really ignoring the needs of the people?

Rome is so busy bashing Vinson as a “GOP extremist” that he doesn’t even bother to address a crucial part in the judge’s ruling. The entirety of Obamacare was declared unconstitutional because it lacks a severability clause. Vinson was very clear about this in his decision, pointing out that it was a very difficult case to decide because he recognizes that healthcare reform is needed. He would have kept other parts of the law—good and bad—in place, if they could have been severed from the mandate that everyone purchase healthcare.  Vinson’s decision was not judicial activism, it was the opposite.  Instead of blaming this judge, Rome should blame the lawmakers who churned out 2,000 plus pages of crap but left out that crucial piece.

No one is arguing against healthcare reform; no one is saying that insurance companies should deny people because of pre-existing conditions. But millions are saying that it can be done another way, and the Left doesn’t want to hear that.


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The Many Shades of the Right (Must Unite)

“You can’t be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative.” This from Senator–and some say, 2012 Republican presidential candidate– Jim DeMint.

With all due respect to Mr. De Mint, it is this sort of either/or mentality that has perpetuated the stereotype of Republicans as hard-hearted, judgmental and out of touch with the common folk. Whereas the left tries to force Big Government upon us, several on the right often do the same with their particular brand of morality. This has only served to marginalize women and minorities who may agree with conservatives on a host of issues but feel left out and judged by them as a whole. Indeed, Democrats have laid claim to entire segments of the population–LGBT community, to name but one–for exactly this reason.  There is no longer room for this type of thinking when what is at stake is not only the current economy, but our American way of life, as we head into this new chapter in politics (and hopefully a new administration in 2012).

I speak on this from experience as a pro-choice Republican. When I go to the polls and pull that lever for the fiscally conservative but pro-life candidate, I am okay with that because the prospect of losing the right to choose is (at this point) theoretical. But what if it weren’t? What I were forced to choose between a Democratic candidate who wants to exert control over my paycheck and a Republican who wants to exert control over my body?

In that case, I just may feel compelled to pull that other lever or–even worse–just stay home.

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